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Feeding The World

  • Bear Flag
  • July 27, 2022

As the world population continues to grow, feeding the world is becoming more challenging for farmers. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) projects that the agricultural sector will need to increase its food production up to 60% by 2050 to feed 9.3 billion people. Aggravating this world food supply concern are other agricultural challenges: the undermanned farming fields, and the growing clamor for sustainable farmingwhich calls for farming processes that are environmentally sound.  


But despite all these ever-changing agricultural requirements and challenges, the fact remains that farmers feed the world, and they will try to continue to increase food production to meet the demand. 


But farmers no longer need to keep working in difficulty to meet their goals. In today’s modern agricultural era, automating agricultural processes is the best way to respond to these setbacks. This is where Bear Flag Robotics’ expertise in advanced automation systems comes in.


Your Success Is Our Business

At Bear Flag, we aim to contribute to bringing ease to farmers’ lives by bringing a catalyst for change in agriculture through farming automation – specifically through automated tractor fleets. 


When Bear Flag works with clients, we are giving not only automated equipment, but also insightful data. Our automated tractors provide them with information on how their farming operations are progressing, as well as details about their soil, field conditions, and fuel efficiency. Through our tractors, we are providing farmers with awareness on previously unobservable or intangible phenomena and farm health, turning these situations into understandable information. 


Farmers can also delegate the field work to autonomous tractors, thereby addressing current concerns on workforce availability in the agriculture sector and lessen the time that farmers spend on laborious tasks. The end result: farmers can continue feeding the world through productive and efficient farming operations


Through our automated tractors, we aim to provide a huge impact to global food production in the long term.


Our Purpose: Making a Positive Impact in Agriculture

Bear Flag is a mission-driven organization: what fires up Bear Flag and gets the team moving is our mission to help ease farmers’ lives as they feed the world. We at Bear Flag feel that our efforts have a real-world impact, which is important to see. The Bear Flag team delves into physical labor as they continuously improve machineries and watch these automated tractors perform in the field. 


Our employees are here to make farming a positive force for change, ensuring that farmers can keep on feeding the world efficiently and sustainably. Many of our team members are with Bear Flag because they desire to make a difference in society’s future. Bear Flag stood out to them because of their commitment to improve agricultural processes. Bear Flag is a fantastic place to work because of the outstanding group of people that are incredibly motivated and talented at what they do. Our team works extremely well together, which helps us to move quickly, identify problems, develop solutions, and test those solutions faster than our rivals.


 Our CEO, Igino Cafiero, affirms this satisfaction towards the work that the Bear Flag team does:


“This is the best team I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. This team is incredibly cohesive we get it and we get it because everybody’s trying to go the same place — everyone’s trying to have that impact and have that positive net effect on the world”


Bear Flag is just getting warmed up. Where we’re going is unthinkably wonderful. We can work together to develop technology that will assist farmers in feeding the world.


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  • Bear Flag
  • July 27, 2022