This survey was conducted to learn more about the challenges that US farms and farmers are facing. The survey sought to assess how labor shortages and other agricultural factors are affecting overall farm productivity.

The survey was conducted in May 2021, polling 600 respondents. All respondents worked on farmland sized at 1,000 acres or over. Respondents ranged from farm owners and presidents/CEOs to foremen.

Key Findings

Farmers have always sought to maximize productivity while minimizing cost. Modern farmers still have these same goals, but the challenges are serious. Increasing output means finding skilled workers and collecting accurate data.

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farmers want to collect more comprehensive data around yield, productivity, and irrigation strategies.

group 220

of farmers say it’s challenging to find skilled tractor operators.

Labor Shortages

group 237

of respondents said they were VERY CONCERNED about the scarity of skilled workers.

group 237

confirmed that they’ve been in a situation in the past when they had a hard time sourcing skilled workers.

group 220

of the respondents said that it is challenging to find skilled tractor operators or workers.

Increasing Productivity

91% of respondents say they are concerned about the ever-growing cost of production.

group 231

of respondents want to know more about yield, productivity, environmental impact, and data-driven irrigation strategies.

group 230

showed interest in technology that will help them with farming productivity.

group 231

of respondents would like to get more accurate information/analytics about their farming output.


All farmers want to make their farms more productive and more sustainable. The increase in food demand, labor shortages, as well as higher production costs, are some of the current challenges that US farmers face. Due to these challenges, farmers are looking for ways to optimize their production while increasing yield.

Many farmers are fully aware that advanced agricultural technologies can help meet these goals. Farm owners have recognized the potential of agtech, and how it can help the agricultural industry. Advanced farming systems like autonomous tractors can help farmers increase their productivity while being cost-efficient. Agtech is indeed a powerful way to future-proof any farming operation.

Future of Farming