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Industry leading technological features

Bear Flag tractors possess 360° situational awareness. Our technology monitors implements, tractor health, and the external environment to ensure that any issues are immediately relayed to the operator.

Fully customizable to accommodate implements

From high-speed vertical tillage to low-speed PTO-driven power harrows and all the implements in-between. Properly setting up your implements is crucial and Bear Flag helps make it easy. The entire Bear Flag system is customizable to handle the complexities of a majority of implement types.

Robust path generator

Stay in complete control over how your fields are worked. Our automated path generator can adapt to unique field boundaries, roads, waterways, and obstacles such as power lines. Paths can be optimized for time-to-completion or fuel-efficiency. The Bear Flag path generator is capable of the basic angled pass, all the way to advanced controlled traffic and beyond. Field maps and paths are transferable between tractors, and easy to scale up the fleet.

Real-time video feeds

In addition to real-time telemetry, users have access to 360º live video feeds. No matter what happens in the field, operators are able to instantly take control of the situation with the push of a button.