Many American farms are experiencing labor shortages. US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that agricultural worker employment is expected to increase slower than all other occupations – growing just 2% on average between 2020 and 2030. As Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack puts it, “there are a lot of producers out there that are anxious about the workforce… every single day of every single year they deal with the same level of challenge and concern about it.”

The underlying causes of these shortages are complicated, and they have not appeared themselves overnight. A restrictive H-2A visa program has made hiring foreign workers difficult. Other factors contributing to the labor shortages include a rapidly aging farming population, as well as a reluctance on the part of young people to enter the agricultural industry.

Automated farming helps farmers manage manpower shortages, by increasing total farm productivity without the need for raising headcount.

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Bear Flag Robotics understands that agricultural production is an industry under pressure. Our technology is helping farmers do more with less. Our tractors provide solutions to labor shortages, high production costs, and tight operations windows. We are driven by a desire to deliver value to our customers.

Filling The Talent Gap With Autonomous Tractors

Bear Flag autonomous tractors are equipped with cutting-edge technology that increases efficiency and optimizes farming operations – without the need to hire more staff. With our technology, machines can automatedly perform tasks usually assigned to human workers. With the Bear Flag kit, farms are able to:

  • Break the one man, one tractor paradigm. A single operator can run multiple tractors at the same time.
  • Assign a single operator to oversee an entire field process.
  • Maximize existing farm laborers by assigning them complicated duties.
  • Better avoid human error, allowing you to make the most of your whole team.

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Doing More With Less

Placing autonomous technology at the core of your agricultural enterprise guarantees improved resilience when workers are hard to find. Bear Flag improves farm performance even with less labor in all areas:

  • A bespoke solution — We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution to farming challenges. We base all our engagements on needs, labor capacity, and field size.
  • Reduce hiring pressure — We offer a fully automated system that handles data collection and field work, reducing the need for technical staff.
  • More efficient workflows — Our entire operation is fully automated. Bear Flag automatically handles blockages and rough zones on roadways and waterways.

Future of Farming